Perception is everything!

Happy and CleanHave you ever walked into a business and felt instantly wowed by how clean it was? The look is beautiful and the smell says clean. First impressions are everything. Statistics say that a clean office is much more inviting to a customer than a dirty one.
Now, close your eyes and think about that not so clean business you’ve walked into before. Dirt on the floor, dust everywhere, odd smells and bathrooms you want to run far away from! Obvious signs that the management does not care enough to keep their business clean. That not so clean business leaves a very bad feeling in you, and if a clean workspace is not important to them then possibly it reflects on how they perform at their day to day business tasks.

It takes many people to run a business, but cleaning that business is probably least on everyones mind. Just like at home, no one wants to be that person who does the cleaning but a plan to keep the office space clean will show customers as well as employees that you put them first.

Business owners and office managers need a plan of action keep the space clean. It’s not that hard but the payoff in how customers perceive your product and services can be valuable.


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