Bathroom Cleaning and Sanitation Services


Close-up of a woman cleaning a bathroom's sink with a sponge and detergent spray

A clean and hygienic bathroom is a non-negotiable in business, whatever industry you are in. There is nothing worse than a member of staff, client or visitor going into a dirty restroom.

According to a recent Harris Poll, 86 percent of respondents believe that a clean restroom is just as necessary as a clean kitchen and in a survey conducted by Cintas Corporation, 94 percent of people said they would not do business with someone who had a dirty toilet, regardless of the industry. It is especially important if you are in the food or hospitality business.

Allied Cleaning Services understands how difficult it is to keep bathrooms clean. The restrooms are visited more often than any other part of a building or facility and are used almost constantly. That is why, as a cleaning company with more than 25 years of experience in the New York City and Westchester area, we are committed to making sure your bathrooms and restrooms are shipshape and sparkling clean, whoever uses them.

Whether it is cleaning the toilets, mopping the floors, emptying the bins, and shining the sinks, our team of highly experienced and skilled cleaners will do it without hesitation so that you never have to worry about a visitor walking into a less than perfect bathroom.

If you want to find out more about our bathroom cleaning service or to get a free quote for your facility bathroom, give us a call today and speak to our bathroom cleaning team.