Maid Cleaning Service

Smiling young maid cleaning glass table at home

Here at Allied Cleaning Services, we understand that business owners often don’t have time for tasks like cleaning, running errands, and dealing with waste. Our commercial maid service can solve this problem for you, giving you access to professional maids who will work extremely hard to keep your business in prime condition.

Everything Covered

Our maids are happy to work on a wide variety of tasks, from cleaning to running complex errands. Alongside this, we are fully insured to provide our services, and each and every one of our maids has gone through extensive background checks to make sure that they are suitable for your business.Green eco-friendly cleaning products

An Eco-Friendly Approach

We understand that your business cares about the environment, and we do too. For this reason, we make sure that all of our maids use the latest eco-friendly solutions and tools when cleaning your business. Not only does this protect the environment outside your business, but it also makes the space inside better for your team.

Scales With Your Business

Unlike hiring a maid directly, Allied Cleaning Services can provide scaled services that are able to grow with your business. This means that you can take on more maids when you need extra hands, as well as reducing your service when you don’t need as much help.

Get in contact with Allied Cleaning Services today to start working with our professional maids. You can reach our friendly team by calling at 212 545-8312, sending an email to, or using the convenient contact form on our contact page.