Floor Care & Wood Floor Refinishing


Worker carpenter doing parquet Wood Floor maintenance work by grinding machine

Wwood-floor-1ood Floor Refinishing

Allied Cleaning Services provides you with a group of skilled wood floor refinishing professionals that will do a complete floor job. We are prepared to do floor stripping, waxing, carpeting, and other related tasks. Please call us for more information specific to your needs.


Wood Floor Sanding

wood-floor-sandingAllied Cleaning Services also offers a Wood Floor Sanding service to give your wooden floor a new look. Has it become dull and yellowish? This may be the time to get our wood floor sanding crew to start from the bottom up and give your floor a new shiny beautiful look!

We will strip the old wax and start with the bare wooden floor and cover it in our superb products that will give not only your floor but also the whole place a new and fresh approach.

  • Marble, Terrazzo, Cement, Wood, Vinyl Tile
  • Rubber and Ceramic Floor Care
  • Marble Restoration