Have you done your Spring Cleaning Yet?

photodune-4735976-spring-flowers-xsAh Spring time…

a time when flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing and many people start to get out their gloves and tackle the dreaded Spring Cleaning.   Just like a home, a Business should have Spring Cleaning done too.   Dirt, dust and germs left on surfaces all lead to an increase in colds, flu, viruses and allergy flare ups.  Reducing germs in your workplace keeps your employees healthier which leads to less absenteeism and more productivity.  Studies have shown that workers feel more productive when they are working in a clean environment.

As a business owner you want to make sure you give your employees the best environment possible to get their jobs done. Providing your employees with the right supplies to keep their workplace clean is a good start.  Partnering with a respected company to clean your offices daily, weekly or monthly is probably the best bet to tackle all those cleaning jobs.

Now that winter has passed, here is your Spring Cleaning checklist.

  1. The Entrance Ways.
  2. The Coffeemaker.
  3. The Fridge.
  4. The Carpets.
  5. The Floors.
  6. The Windows.
  7. The Ceiling Lighting & Chandeliers.
  8. Painting Touch ups.
  9. The Restroom Sanitation.
  10. The Upholstery.
  11. The Landscaping.   




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